RX Constructions

Allowing upto 40 meters of span due to its truss type structure along with the high quality standards of German steel, RX series has been designed to provide a solution to structural needs in tough condition regions. If you need a place like a factory, a fair place, our RX series has been designed using cold formed profiles with the most efficient sections working against engineering loads and thus combined with its truss type structure it covers spans upto 40 meters not only providing the most efficient solution with the least material usage but also provides a heavy-duty solution to your needs under toughest conditions. It is does not matter how wide is your place because our RX series is installed as easy as our other simpler solutions. Against the months you have planned for construction in you schedule, we provide you a solution expressed in days with our RX series, thousands of meters of square areas covered in the blink of an eye to your liking.