LX Constructions

LX building is suited for large span structures with heavy weights on the roof. LX buildings perform the best under heavy snow drifting at harsh climate and under heavy collateral weights at industrial facilities. This type of building can also be used as warehouse, manufacturing plant, workshop and even Office building. Thanks to high side walls, various types of storage rack Systems can be installed with optimized storage space. The whole structural members are 275 gr/m2 zinc layer galvanized and high strength Steel. Up to two stories Office can be built inside LX building as mezzanine floors or as platform for heavy manufacturing purposes. Based on the need of customers and their applications, APEC offers LX model optimized inner space. All dimensions vary based on the local building codes. LX provides reliable and elegant designs in accordance with international and local regulations. Depending on customer’s wishes LX Systems can be customized with different types of cladding to obtain the best architectural views. All details of the building is analyzed by skilled engineers at Research and development department using high-tech approaches and finite element software and even tested in certified structural testing laboratories. Advanced technology is used for special projects, as an example direct tension indicators were used in project located in high seismic zone as smart connection bolts.