Light steel construction systems

What is Light steel construction sytems, where can we use ?


Industrial construction systems

what is Industrial construction systems, where can we use ?


Prefabricated and Container construction systems

What is Prefabricated and Container construction systems,where can we use ?


Does The Steel Construction Systems Logical Choice ?

As the light steel constructions are lighter than the other solutions they have been affected from earthquakes less than the others construction types.
In order to decreased erection time and the economy gained from labor and mold costs brings comperative economic advantages for Light Gauge Framing.. The building period is shorter than the other conventional construction systems, because all the profiles sent to the construction site are ready for installation and prefabricated. Due to manufactured with advanced technology and complete each other sitting surface provides 40% saving up insulation. It can be build in All kinds of geographical and climatic conditions. steel profiles are produced in the CNS computer-controlled factory equipment so that human error.have been removed from the production process. Galvanizing method provides absolute protection against corrosion in steel profiles. As the Electricity, water and heating system have been evaluated at the stage of project it provides great savings at installation labor cost.



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ANKA, meets Turkey’s safety modern construction necessity with superior construction system; Steel Construction Solutions SCS. The necessity of safety constructions after the big earthquakes inland, led Turkey searching new, more developed and technologic construction sytem as in developed countries. In this sense Light Gauge Framing LGF with its advanced technology, superior eartquake safety, uniqe architecture possibilities and production speed gives signal fort he begining of a new period. ANKA creates safety living areas by using SCS which is prefered in most of constructions projects in our country. As you wish we other offer you to realize your deramed projects or completed projects that meet your desires. Also with reasonable economic conditions.. ANKA builds safety and modern constructions with the experience in buildings and steel construction business refomist high technology and superior quality solutions partners Project -Production - Installation " the execution of the workflow process from a single source , providing higher productivity on designing and management . Also not using subcontractors and working only with own experienced worker team is the main rule for ANKA ÇELİK. Thus the customer deal with only one institution which has full of experienced and understanding and complementary worker team

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